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Zelda_ Tears Of The Kingdom_ Greatest Recipes – How To Cook dinner, Full Recipe Listing

Welcome to our record of each recipe to cook dinner in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

When you loved the culinary delights of Breath of the Wild, you are in luck — cooking is again in Tears of the Kingdom. In some ways, cooking up a restorative meal could be very easy in these video games, however varied refined parts can complicate issues, and whilst you’re usually capable of predict the end result of assembling particular substances in a pan, it is easy to provide one thing suspect should you’re throwing issues within the pot willy-nilly.

On this TOTK recipe information, we’ll cowl precisely the best way to cook dinner, how completely different substances can supply completely different standing results, and record each recipe within the recreation.

How To Cook dinner In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The precise technique of cooking in Tears of the Kingdom is similar to the way it was in Breath of the Wild. We’re nonetheless experimenting to check the main points and variations, however the primary precept of mixing substances in a pot is similar.

Enter the Supplies tab in your stock, faucet ‘A’, and choose ‘Maintain’, you’ll be able to accumulate as much as 5 completely different substances. Throw them into one of many many cooking pots discovered across the kingdom, be sure that there is a lit hearth beneath, and in a matter of moments you will have a cooked meal.

It’s also possible to make use of single-use Zonai cooking pots if you’re out within the area and have to whip up a meal.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to roast particular person gadgets by lighting a fireplace and dropping the meals onto it. It would burst into flames, and after a puff of smoke seems a couple of moments later, you’ll be able to choose it up once more so as to add a roasted or baked one thing to your Meals stock. (Remember to accumulate your meals promptly as soon as cooked, although, as it would begin burning and disappear should you do not.)

Roasted meals are typically much less restorative, however higher than consuming uncooked substances.

There are properly over 200 completely different recipes to cook dinner in Tears of the Kingdom, from easy roasted fish and baked apples to fruity cocktails and extra sophisticated delights.

Why Is Cooking Necessary?

Merely put, getting ready and consuming meals gives a spread of advantages, crucial of which is restoring well being.

Completely different meals have completely different dietary values. Certainly, it is potential to eat many issues ‘uncooked’, though their restorative properties will enhance many instances by combining and cooking them in a pot.

Meals, drinks, and elixirs may also have quite a lot of standing results. For instance, getting ready and consuming a spicy meal utilizing Spicy Peppers will grant you resistance to chilly — an important a part of surviving one specific early-game space, in truth. Having the proper clothes for the climes you encounter can be important, however figuring out the best way to cook dinner and apply standing results to your dishes is a useful ability.

How Do You Study Recipes?

To study a recipe, it’s a must to cook dinner the meal as soon as. That is usually achieved by way of trial and error, primarily, or by speaking to NPCs and discovering recipes on the earth — or by referencing a information just like the one discovered beneath.

Search for recipe posters on the partitions in stables and outlets, too. These posters present dishes and their constituent substances, so make a remark and observe the recipe.

As soon as you have cooked a meal, the recipe is saved and might be accessed out of your Meals submenu or your Supplies submenu. Choose any merchandise and spotlight ‘Choose for recipe’ and you may see a listing of the recipes you have found that use that ingredient. Press ‘A’ once more to carry the substances required (when you have them), and also you’re able to cook dinner.

Standing Impact Ingredient Listing

Dishes with the next names point out the standing results they bestow when eaten:

Darkish – Gloom resistance

– Gloom resistance Electro – Shock resistance

– Shock resistance Enduring – Provides stamina

– Provides stamina Energizing – Restores stamina

– Restores stamina Fireproof – Fireplace resistance

– Fireplace resistance Hasty – Velocity up

– Velocity up Hearty – 1-5 Further Hearts

– 1-5 Further Hearts Icy/Chilly – Warmth resistance

– Warmth resistance Mighty – Assault up

– Assault up Sneaky – Stealth up

– Stealth up Spicy – Chilly resistance

– Chilly resistance Sticky – Grip up

– Grip up Sunny – Heals Gloom harm

– Heals Gloom harm Robust – Defence up

Recipes Can Be Altered For Completely different Results, So Experiment!

One necessary factor to notice is that altering the substances or the quantity of a sure ingredient can change the impact of the meal.

For instance, cooking a Spicy Pepper, a bit of Uncooked Meat, and a Stamella Mushroom will create a Pepper Steak good for restoring 4 hearts.

Substituting the meat for a bit of Prime Meat and including a pair extra Peppers produces the identical dish however with elevated restorative properties (seven hearts).

Throwing Uncooked Meat, an Acorn, a Skyshroom, and a Spicy Pepper collectively will create a Pepper Steak that restores four-and-a-half hearts, but in addition grants you 4 minutes 20 seconds of Chilly Resistance.

There are far too many mixtures to record all of them right here, though your private recipe record (go to the Meals tab and hit ‘X’ to seek out it) retains a file of all recipe historical past, so be sure that to reference that should you’ve created one thing additional particular and also you need to recreate it.

Greatest Recipes

See beneath for a full record of TOTK recipes, however listed here are some fast and straightforward meals to cook dinner that may show you how to, particularly within the early recreation:

Pepper Seafood

Substances: 1x Fish, 1x Skyshroom, 3x Spicy Peppers

It will restore five-and-a-half hearts however, extra importantly, you will additionally get eight-and-a-half minutes of Chilly resistance — invaluable should you’re navigating the Nice Sky Island within the tutorial part.

Shiny Fish Skewer

Substances: Glowing Cave Fish (the extra fish, the higher)

It will restore a bunch of hearts, but in addition makes Hyperlink glow in darkish areas — good for exploring the Depths with out continuously firing Blightbloom Seeds. The extra fish, the longer you will glow.

Sunny Fried Wild Greens

Substances: 1x Sundelion, 2x Herb

When you’re eager on happening to the Depths, you will want a method to treatment gloom, which reduces your most hearts briefly. This recipe will restore 4 hearts, however not solely that, it will restore 3 hearts of gloom harm.

Mighty Meat And Mushroom Skewer

Substances: 1x Meat, 1x Mushroom, 1x Mighty Thistle

Tackling a powerful enemy? Why not eat some strength-boosting meals? This easy recipe will restore 5 hearts and provides Hyperlink an assault bonus for 1 minute and 50 seconds. Add extra thistles for an extended increase.

Energizing Steamed Fruit

Substances: 2x Apple, 2x Stambulb

Apples will likely be considerable within the early hours of the sport, and Stambulbs can be found on a lot of the sky islands, together with the Nice Sky Island. Cook dinner with these to revive some hearts and restore stamina — good for these lengthy gliding periods from the sky.

Sneaky Elixir

Substances: 1x Sundown Firefly, 1x Monster Half

With the return of sneakstrikes, you may need to abuse your energy even additional by whipping up a fast Sneaky Elixir. Sundown Fireflies are in every single place within the night, and should you seize one, cook dinner it with monster elements for a 3 minutes and 40 seconds enhance in your stealth.

Sticky Elixir

Substances: 1x Sticky Frog/Sticky Lizard, 1x Monster Half

A brand new elixir in Tears of the Kingdom, this potion will show you how to climb moist partitions. It isn’t good, however it’ll make you slip much less, which means you might be much more resolute about climbing to the very prime of these wet areas.

Shiny Elixir

Substances: Deep Firefly, 1x Monster Half

Offers you a pleasant glow impact for if you’re within the deepest darkest reaches of the Depths.

Hearty Elixir

Substances: Hearty Lizard, Monster Elements

A vital one for restoring these all-important hearts, you may make super-charged variations of this well being replenisher by including extra elements and lizards to the combo!

Enduring Elixir

Substances: Tireless Lizard, Monster Elements

Last more with this elixir which replenishes and extends your stamina so you’ll be able to run, struggle, climb and paraglide like a boss.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Full Recipe Listing

Here’s a full record of each recipe in Tears of the Kingdom. As we talked about above, there are far too many to record each potential permutation of every recipe, however here is a listing of the fundamentals.

Word. It is a work in progress. We’ll be including extra recipes within the coming days as we uncover them, so please bear with us as we flesh this out!

You will discover each recipe listed by quantity, title, substances (for the bottom recipe) and any standing impact consuming it bestows. If no impact is listed, it would merely restore a portion of your well being. Click on on the headers to order alphabetically.

Recipe Quantity Recipe Title Substances Standing Impact 1 Mushroom Skewer Mushrooms 2 Meat and Mushroom Skewer Meat + Mushrooms 3 Fish and Mushroom Skewer Fish + Mushrooms 4 Meat Skewer Meat 5 Fish Skewer Fish 6 Seafood Skewer Crab (+) Fish 7 Copious Meat Skewers 4x Meat (all differing kinds) 8 Copius Seafood Skewers 5x Fish 9 Steamed Fruit Fruit + Plant 10 Steamed Tomatoes Tomatoes + Plant 11 Steamed Mushrooms Mushrooms + Plant 12 Steamed Meat Meat + Plant 13 Steamed Fish Fish and Plant/Veg 14 Sautéed Peppers Peppers 15 Sautéed Nuts Nuts 16 Fried Wild Greens Plant 17 Copius Fried Wild Greens 5x (Plant + Veg) 18 Cooked Stambulb Stambulb Improve most stamina 19 Buttered Stambulb Goat Butter + Stambulb Improve most stamina 20 Copius Mushroom Skewers 5x Mushrooms 21 Spiced Meat Skewer Meat + Goron Spice 22 Prime Spiced Meat Skewer Prime Meat + Goron Spice 23 Connoisseur Spiced Meat Skewer Connoisseur Meat + Goron Spice 24 Crab Stir-Fry Crab + Goron Spice 25 Meat and Seafood Fry Seafood + Meat 26 Prime Meat and Seafood Fry Seafood + Prime Meat 27 Connoisseur Meat and Seafood Fry Connoisseur Meat + Fish 28 Salt-Grilled Greens Plant + Veg + Salt 29 Salt-Grilled Mushrooms Mushrooms + Salt 30 Salt-Grilled Meat Meat + Salt 31 Salt-Grilled Prime Meat Prime Meat + Salt 32 Salt-Grilled Connoisseur Meat Connoisseur Meat + Salt 33 Salt-Grilled Fish Fish + Salt 34 Salt-Grilled Crab Crab + Salt 35 Herb Sauté Herb+ Goron Spice 36 Aromatic Mushroom Sauté Mushrooms + Goron Spice 37 Pepper Steak Meat – Spicy Pepper Chilly resistance 38 Pepper Seafood Seafood + Spicy Pepper Chilly resistance 39 Aromatic Seafood Stew Fish + Oil + Stambulb Improve most stamina 40 Deep-Fried Drumstick Drumstick + Oil 41 Dee-Fried Thigh Uncooked Thigh + Oil 42 Deep-Fried Chook Roast Uncooked Complete Chook + Oil 43 Seafood Meuniére Fish + Butter + Wheat 44 Porgy Menuiére Porgy + Butter + Wheat 45 Salmon Menuiére Salmon + Butter + Wheat Improve most hearts 46 Fruit and Mushroom Combine Fruit + Mushroom 47 Simmered Fruit Fruit 48 Copius Simmered Fruit 5x Fruit 49 Simmered Tomtato 3x Tomato 50 Fruity Tomato Stew Milk + Tomato + Rock Salt 51 Tomato Mushroom Stew Tomato + Mushroom 52 Tomato Seafood Soup Tomato + Seafood 53 Cream of Vegetable Soup Herb/Veg + Salt + MIlk 54 Veggie Cream Soup Milk + Veg 55 Cream of Mushroom Soup Mushroom + Herb/Veg + Salt + Milk 56 Creamy Meat Soup Meat + Herb/Veg + Salt + Milk 57 Creamy Seafood Soup Seafood/Fish + Herb/Veg + Salt + Milk 58 Snail Chowder Snail + Butter + Milk + Wheat 59 Creamy Coronary heart Soup Raddish + Hydromelon + Volt Fruit + Milk 60 Glazed Veggies Veg + Honey 61 Glazed Mushrooms Mushroom + Honey 62 Glazed Meat Meat + Honey 63 Glazed Seafood Fish + Honey 64 Curry Rice Rice + Goron Spice 65 Vegetable Curry Pumpkin/Carrot + Rice + Goron Spice 66 Meat Curry Meat + Rice + Goron Spice 67 Prime Meat Curry Prime Meat + Rice + Goron Spice 68 Connoisseur Meat Curry Connoisseur Meat + Rice + Goron Spice 69 Poultry Curry Drumstick + Rice + Goron Rice 70 Prime Poultry Curry Thigh + Rice + Goron Spice 71 Connoisseur Poultry Curry Complete Chook + Rice + Goron Spice 72 Seafood Curry Fish + Rice + Goron Spice 73 Tacky Curry Cheese + Rice + Goron Spice 74 Carrot Stew Carrot + Butter + Milk + Wheat 75 Pumpkin Stew Pumpkin + Butter + Milk + Wheat 76 Meat Stew Meat + Butter + Milk + Wheat 77 Prime Meat Stew Prime Meat + Butter + Milk + Wheat 78 Connoisseur Meat Stew Connoisseur Meat + Butter + Milk + Wheat 79 Meat-Stuffed Pumpkin Meat + Pumpkin 80 Vegetable Risotto Vegetable + Rice + Butter + Salt 81 Mushroom Risotto Mushroom + Rice + Butter + Salt 82 Salmon Risotto Salmon + Butter + Rice + Salt 83 Crab Risotto Crab + Butter + Rice Salt 84 Tacky Risotto Cheese + Rice + Salt + Fish/Mushroom 85 Poultry Pilaf Drumstick + Rice + Butter + Egg 86 Prime Poultry Pilaf Thigh + Rice + Butter + Egg 87 Connoisseur Poultry Pilaf Complete Chook + Rice + Butter + Egg 88 Seafood Paella Fish + Crab + Rice + Butter + Salt 89 Curry Pilaf Goron Spice + Wheat + Butter 90 Fried Egg and Rice Egg + Rice 91 Crunch Fried Rice Meat + Rice + Oil + Egg 92 Seafood Fried Rice Fish + Rice + Salt 93 Crab Omelet with Rice Crab + Egg + Rice + Salt 94 Meat and Rice Bowl Meat + Rice + Salt 95 Prime Meat and Rice Bowl Prime Meat + Rice + Salt 96 Connoisseur Meat and Rice Bowl Connoisseur Meat + Rice + Salt 97 Tacky Meat Bowl Meat + Cheese + Salt + Rice 98 Prime Tacky Meat Bowl Prime Meat + Cheese + Salt + Rice 99 Connoisseur Tacky Meat Bowl Connoisseur Meat + Cheese + Salt + Rice 100 Veggie Rice Balls Rice + Plant 101 Mushroom Rice Balls Rice + Mushroom 102 Meaty Rice Balls Meat + Rice 103 Seafood Rice Balls Fish + Rice 104 Veggie Porridge Milk + Rice + Plant 105 Wheat Bread Wheat + Salt 106 Melty Tacky Bread Cheese + Wheat + Butter 107 Hylian Tomato Pizza Wheat + Cheese + Tomato 108 Meat Pie Wheat + Butter + Meat 109 Fish Pie Meat + Butter + Fish 110 Tacky Tomato Tomato + Cheese + Milk 111 Tacky Baked Fish Fish + Cheese 112 Omelet Egg 113 Vegetable Omelet Veg + Butter + Egg + Salt 114 Mushroom Omelet Mushrooms + Butter + Egg + Salt + Plant 115 Tacky Omelet Cheese + Butter + Egg + Salt + Plant 116 Sizzling Buttered Apple Butter + Apple 117 Honeyed Fruits Honey + Fruit (not Apple) 118 Honeyed Apple Honey + Apple 119 Honey Sweet Honey Restore stamina 120 Good friend Bananas Bananaes + Wheat + Sugar Assault up 121 Egg Pudding Honey + Egg + Milk + Sugar 122 Plain Crepe Wheat + Egg + Milk + Sugar 123 Wildberry Crepe Wildberry + Wheat + Egg + Milk + Sugar 124 Honey Crepe Honey + Wheat + Egg + Milk + Sugar 125 Nutcake Nuts + Wheat + Butter + Sugar 126 Fruitcake Fruit + Wheat + Sugar 127 Carrot Cake Carrot + Wheat + Butter + Sugar 128 Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin + Butter + Sugar + Wheat Protection up 129 Cheesecake Cheese + Wheat + Butter + Sugar 130 Fruit Pie Fruit + Wheat + Butter + Sugar 131 Apple Pie Apple + Wheat + Butter + Sugar 132 Egg Tart Egg + Wheat + Sugar + Butter 133 Milk Milk 134 Noble Pursuit Voltfruit + Hydromelon + Palm Fruit + Rock Salt 135 Monster Stew Monster Extract + Meat + Fish/Seafood 136 Monster Soup Monster Extract + Butter + Milk + Wheat 137 Monster Curry Monster Extract + Rice + Goron Spice 138 Monster Rice Balls Monster Extract + Rice + Salt 139 Monster Cake Monster Extract + Butter + Sugar + Wheat + Egg 140 Darkish Stew Darkish Clump + Meat + Fish/Seafood Gloom resistance 141 Darkish Soup Darkish Clump + Butter + Milk + Wheat Gloom resistance 142 Darkish Curry Darkish Clump + Rice + Goron Spice Gloom resistance 143 Darkish RiceBall Darkish Clump + Rice Gloom resistance 144 Darkish Cake Darkish Clump + Butter + Sugar + Wheat + Egg Gloom resistance 145 Doubtful Meals Misc. 146 Rock Arduous Meals Misc. 147 Baked Apple Apple (roasted) 148 Baked Golden Apple Golden Apple (roasted) 149 Charred Pepper Spicy Pepper (roasted) 150 Roasted Hylian Tomato Tomato (roasted) 151 Roasted Wildberry Berry (roasted) 152 Roasted Voltfruit Voltfruit (roasted) 153 Roasted Hydromelon Hydromelon (roasted) 154 Baked Palm Fruit Palm Fruit (roasted) 155 Roasted Mighty Bananas Bananas (roasted) 156 Roasted Lotus Seeds Lotus Seeds (roasted) 157 Roasted Mighty Thistle Mighty Thistle (roasted) 158 Roasted Armoranth Armoranth (roasted) 159 Roasted Swift Carrot Swift Carrot (roasted) 160 Roasted Endura Carrot Endra Carrot (roasted) 161 Baked Fortified Pumpkin Fortified Pumpkin (roasted) 162 Baked Solar Pumpkin Solar Pumpkin (roasted) 163 Roasted Radish Radish (roasted) 164 Roasted Huge Radish Huge Radish (roasted) 165 Toasty Skyshroom Skyshroom (roasted) 166 Toasty Hylian Shroom Hylian Shroom (roasted) 167 Toasty Stamela Shroom Stamella Shroom (roasted) 168 Toasty Rushroom Rushroom (roasted) 169 Toasty Sunshroom Sunshroom (roasted) 170 Toasty Chillshroom Chillshroom (roasted) 171 Toasty Zapshroom Zaphroom (roasted) 172 Toasty Razorshroom Razorshroom (roasted) 173 Toasty Ironshroom Ironshroom (roasted) 174 Toasty Silent Shroom Silent Shroom (roasted) 175 Toasty Brightcap Brightcap (roasted) 176 Toasty Endura Shroom Endura Shroom (roasted) 177 Toasted Hearty Truffle Hearty Truffle (roasted) 178 Toasted Huge Hearty Truffle Huge Hearty Truffle (roasted) 179 Steared Steak Meat (roasted) 180 Seared Prime Steak Prime Meat (roasted) 181 Seared Connoisseur Steak Connoisseur Meat (roasted) 182 Roasted Chook Drumstick Drumstick (roasted) 183 Roasted Chook Thigh Thigh (roasted) 184 Roasted Complete Chook Chook (roasted) 185 Roasted Arowana Arowana (roasted) 186 Roasted Bass Bass (roasted) 187 Roasted Trout Trout (roasted) 188 Roasted Carp Carp (roasted) 189 Roasted Porgy Porgy (roasted) 190 Roasted Cave Fish Cave Fish (roasted) 191 Roasted Hearty Bass Hearty Bass (roasted) 192 Roasted Hearty Salmon Hearty Salmon (roasted) 193 Blackened Crab Crab (roasted) 194 Sneaky River Escargot Sneaky River Snail (roasted) 195 Roasted Tree Nut Tree Nut (roasted) 196 Roasted Acorn Acorn (roasted) 197 Campfire Egg Egg (roasted) 198 Arduous-Boiled Egg Egg (sizzling spring) 199 Icy Meat Meat (frozen) Decrease physique temperature 200 Icy Prime Meat Prime Meat (frozen) Decrease physique temperature 201 Icy Connoisseur Meat Connoisseur Meat (frozen) Decrease physique temperature 202 Frozen Chook Drumstick Drumstick (frozen) Decrease physique temperature 203 Frozen Chook Thigh Thigh (frozen) Decrease physique temperature 204 Frozen Complete Chook Complete Chook (frozen) Decrease physique temperature 205 Frozen Arowana Historical Arowana (frozen) Decrease physique temperature 206 Frozen Bass Bass (frozen) Decrease physique temperature 207 Frozen Trout Trout (frozen) Decrease physique temperature 208 Frozen Carp Carp (frozen) Decrease physique temperature 209 Frozen Porgy Porgy (frozen) Decrease physique temperature 210 Frozen Cave Fish Cave Fish (frozen) Decrease physique temperature 211 Frozen Hearty Bass Hearty Bass (frozen) Decrease physique temperature 212 Frozen Hearty Salmon Hearty Salmon (frozen) Decrease physique temperature 213 Frozen Crab Crab (frozen) Decrease physique temperature 214 Frozen River Snail River Snail (frozen) Decrease physique temperature 215 Energizing Elixir Stressed Cricket + Monster Half Stamina up 216 Hasty Elixir Sizzling-Footed Frog + Monster Half Velocity up 217 Spicy Elixir Pink Butterfly + Monster Half Chilly resistance 218 Chilly Elixir Blue Butterfly + Monster Half Warmth resistance 219 Electro Elixir Dragonfly + Inexperienced Butterfly + Chuchu Jelly Electrical resistance 220 Fireproof Elixir Fireproof Lizard + Monster Half Fireplace resistance 221 Mighty Elixir Bladed Rhino Beetle + Monster Half Assault up 222 Robust Elixir Rugged Rhino Beetle + Monster Half Defence up 223 Sneaky Elixir Sundown Firefly + Monster Half Stealth up 224 Sticky Elixir Sticky Lizard + Monster Half Grip up 225 Shiny Elixir Deep Firefly + Monster Half Glow impact 226 Enduring Elixir Sizzling-Footed Frog + Blue Bokoblin Horn Restore and prolong stamina 227 Hearty Elixir Hearty Lizard – Monster Half Full restoration + additional temp. hearts 228 Fairy Tonic Fairy Full restoration

For extra assist in your journey throughout Hyrule, try our full Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough for extra hints, ideas, tips, and maps.

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